How to use your Tie Chilly Neck Cooler



    1. Soak the Smartice® cooling strip in clean water until the cells are fully swollen and are firm to touch. Wipe away any excess surface moisture.
    2. Place the Smartice cooling strip in the freezer until the cells are frozen solid (freezing overnight recommended). Insert cooling strip into sleeve and zip up.
    3. The Tie Chilly neck cooler is now ready to wear. Place around the neck and adjust for comfort.

    For improved cooling effect we recommend placing the cooling strip within the sleeve in the freezer.

    For continuous cool relief, always have a spare Smartice cooling strip in freezer ready for use. Additional Cooling Strips can be purchased here

    Smartice cooling strips provide the latest in water wise reusable cooling technology and will slow down water evaporation from the neck cooler. However natural dehydration will occur over time, you can re-hydrate the Smartice cooling strip when required, simply immerse in clean water until the cells have swollen again. The Smartice cooling strip is reusable. Cool Tip: Warm water hydrates the Smartice cooling strip faster.

    The gel contents are completely safe. If you have a pacemaker, hearing implant or other electrical or mechanical device and your Tie Chilly has the magnet fastening, we recommend you remove the magnets.


    The outer sleeve can be hand washed in warm soapy water. The Smartice cooling strip can be wiped with a disinfectant or sanitiser and water mix if required. Do not use detergents.


    When not in use store in fridge or freezer in plastic bag. Re-hydrate as required.